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Don’t Miss Beautiful Hong Kong Zoo

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

The Hong Kong Zoo is a very favorite destination where you can entertain your kids. It is the best place where every child wants to pay a visit to have a glimpse of their favorite animals they enjoy every day on their favorite television channels.

Not only a place for entertainment, but a zoo also serves as an educational platform where you can inform your child about the varied living creatures existing in this world and even show their special characteristics in practical.

In case you are visiting Hong Kong, do not ever forget to visit the botanical zoo of the region. You will certainly have the best experience of a lifetime by observing the varied wild life and botanic collection.

Short background of Hong Kong Zoo

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is certainly an exotic place situated on the northern slope of Victoria Peak. The zoological and botanical zoo is spread across 5.6 hectares of land. The spectacular creation started to operate as an exotic Botanic Garden in 1871, under the Superintendent-ship of Mr. Charles Ford.

However, preparations were initiated to come up with such an exotic garden in 1860. The initial stage was opened for the public domain in 1864. Later on in 1875, the region was renamed Botanical and Zoological Garden in order to focus on the extraordinary zoological exhibits.

There are ample facilities in the garden for entertainment, rest and light refreshment; and visitors can enjoy an experience of a lifetime. They would surely return home with ample memories of unseen animals and plantation varieties.

Children are highly energized to see a wide variety of living animals in front of their eyes. In such case, the Hong Kong Zoo would definitely be a paradise for them. The origin of the exhibition of wild animals at this zoo started around 1876. However, in those initial stages, only a handful of mammals and birds were kept in a primitive caging system purely for human entertainment.

A major transformation of the entire zoo took place during the mid 1970s, when the authorities decided to initiate the process of a major expansion. Special emphasis was laid on areas of conservation breeding program and special actions were taken for enhancing captive breeding.

Presently, the Zoological and Botanical Garden maintains an effective mission for developing an appreciation for the interdependence on nature for protecting and enhancing natural life; and to foster effective understanding and appreciation for the entire living world through fruitful conservation, exhibition, education and research initiatives.

Exhibition of varied animals

Presently, the garden is a natural home of a vast and varied list of species of wild animals. According to the official records the zoo now exhibits over 400 varieties of birds, 50 categories of reptiles and about 70 mammals in about 40 enclosures.

Noteworthy mammals in the zoo

1. Lion-tailed Macaque
2. Siamang
3. Golden Agouti
4. Short-beaked Echidna
5. White-faced Saki
6. Pygmy Marmoset
7. Emperor Tamarin
8. Bornean Orang-utan

Interesting birds in the garden

1. Red-crowned Crane
2. Bali Mynah
3. Hawaiian Goose
4. American Flamingo

Certain reptiles in natural captivity

1. Greek Tortoise
2. Spurred Tortoise
3. Radiated Tortoise
4. Flowery Backed Terrapin
5. Keeled Box Turtle
6. Malayan Turtle

Botanical or plant collection of the Hong Kong Zoo

Since the initial thrust of opening the garden was laid on exhibiting an exclusive variety of Botanic marvels, you can certainly figure out the wide range of trees throughout the zoo. Officially, there are over 1000 species of trees planted across the wonderland. A majority of plantations is indigenous with sub-tropical and tropical variety.

The collection of botanic variety throughout the garden includes fig, conifer, gum trees, camellia, magnolia, azalea, philodendron, palm etc.

A rare collection of local ailanthus, dawn red-wood, yellow camellia, Grantham’s camellia etc., offer diversity to the vegetation across the exotic garden.

Apart from all these, visitors are also able to enjoy the exotic fragrance of mock lime, rose, kwai-fah, white jade orchid, orange jasmine etc. All the trees are labeled for easy identification. Apart from exotic and varied nature and species of trees, there is also an ‘herb garden’ at the southern corner of the zoo. Innumerable colorful blooms are displayed in the section almost throughout the year. The eastern boundary of the botanical garden also consists of a Greenhouse that includes exotic species of ferns, orchids, climbers, house plants, bromeliads etc.

The Hong Kong Zoo is not only a place for children’s attraction, but also of elders as well. The exotic and variety collection of life – both plantation and animal, is worth exploring. Nevertheless, it houses a major portion of flora-fauna and animals of this world under a single nest, which makes it a real paradise on earth.