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The Hidden Side Of New York Every Tourist Should See

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. While this city, as they say “never sleep”, visiting tourists may not rest as well as there are many different sites and sceneries to see.

Times Square, The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are just some of the most popular places to check out. However, as popular as these tourist attractions may be, this massive city holds many hidden attractions that you should visit.

If you wish to go around the city and find unfamiliar gems, here is a list of hidden attractions you can go to without spending all your vacation money.

Flushing’s Chinatown

If you would like to visit another side of New York, consider going to Flushing’s. There are many Chinatowns throughout this bustling city but Flushing’s in particular stands out due to its diverse and inexpensive ethnic food. This place found within Queens will surely keep your taste buds excited and your stomachs satisfied.

The Invincible Battery Park

When 9/11 struck, NYC lost its world renowned Twin Towers. However, a metallic spherical structure situated at the middle where the towers once lie somehow remained standing.

Fritz Koenig was the German sculptor who designed this masterpiece in 1971. Though the sphere has not been properly manned for many years, the city decided to keep it erect to symbolize hope and strength. Have a look around Battery Park and you cannot miss it.

The Blockhouse

If you are traveling with a historian or someone who just loves history, you should head to the northern section of Central Park where you can find Blockhouse No.1. This place remains to be the second oldest structure in the park.

It was built in 1812 as a defense fort against the British which held 2,000 New York militiamen. Since the British never attacked New York, the blockhouse was abandoned and is currently locked up.

Old Boat Graveyard

There is a place in Staten Island where hundreds of old boats lie. These rusty ships date back even before World War I began. Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard is actually a popular destination for historians and photographers alike. Though it cannot be viewed on land, you can hire boat tours or rent kayaks to get a clearer picture.

A Cemetery In Brooklyn

Green-Wood Cemetery was actually one of the first rural cemeteries in America and is one of the cleanest and best kept cemeteries as found in Brooklyn New York. This 478 acre land is now a historic landmark where baseball legends and Civil War Generals lie to rest.

This place has beautiful sculptures, spectacular scenery and is rich in historical stories. The tour only costs $15.

Smallpox Hospital And Cat Sanctuary

In between the boroughs of Queens and Manhattan lies the East River where you will find the Roosevelt Island. This place is popular for its spooky history which dates back to more than a century ago.

Formerly known as Blackwell’s Island, this places served as a hospital back in 1856 where patients with smallpox were quarantined. The hospital treated around 7000 patients a year and later on became a nurse’s dormitory. After it was abandoned on the 70’s, this place became a sanctuary for feline strays.

In an architectural standpoint, people agree that this place looks quite majestic. It was designed by James Renwick Jr., the same person who created St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Madison Avenue between 1856 and 1857.

The Wall In 520 Madison Avenue

If you love history, you most definitely need to visit 520 Madison Avenue. Here lies a part of the famed Berlin Wall.

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the pieces were divided and sold to many rich buyers and collectors. Somehow, one of these pieces made its way to New York.

New York City has many famous landmarks. But for those who want to see the city at a different spectrum, visiting unknown and hidden places will definitely be worthwhile.